Below you will find links to sites relating to not only photography but a few other subjects that caught my eye.
Nearly infinite selection. The products sold directly by Amazon are priced about as well as you can expect to find and their customer service is stellar. Many manufacturers and retailers Like Adorama sell as third-party. Besides, you can order coffee for your Keurig along with that new lens!

I've used them since the age of actual mail order. If it is photography-related, they have one.
B&H Photo

Maybe not as complete as BH but nearly so. Their Flashpoint brand offers good value for the money.

Excellent source for good used equipment and they offer a fair price for your old stuff if you want to sell it and get something shiny and new.
KEH Camera

For our friends north of the border. 100+ year-old family owned store. Now a trans-Canada chain.
Henry's Camera - CA
 Review Sites
Good source for camera reviews and comparisons.
Digital Photography Review (DPReview)

Another good source for camera reviews with a good lens review section.
Imaging Resource

Very technical reviews of cameras and lenses.

(Used to be Less coverage than the big sites but good reviews.

Just what it says. A blog for enthusiast photographers. Fair, well-written reviews and opinions.
Enthusiast Photography Blog
We cruise regularly and the Cruise Critic site is a great place to ask questions about upcoming cruises. What a lot of visitors don't realize is that it has a very active Digital Photography forum as well. Very friendly, especially to newbies with a lot of very helpful "regulars". Photo Forum

Not photo-related, but if you ever worked in an office and especially in a tech-related company, you will swear Scott Adams worked with you at some time and one of his cartoons is about someone you worked with.
Daily Dilbert

Articles and news about gizmos, gadgets, inventions and all things techie. They often include new camera tech and notable new model releases.
Gizmodo and Engadget

Concise article about one of the iconic photographers of the last century. Might not be "all about" Ansel Adams in the six paragraphs but it is a good overview with links to more info on this truly inspirational photographer.
All About Ansel Adams