NEX-7 Sample Images

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Non-cropped photos can be clicked on to display original size.  

Flowers For Sale 30mm


Flowers For Sale 30mm - Center Crop


Flowers For Sale 30mm - Edge Crop


Flowers For Sale 30mm - Corrected Edge Crop


Rainy Deck 30mm (yes, the treated wood is sort of greenish yellow)


Rainy Deck 30mm - Center Crop


Vinny's 30mm - Standard


Vinny's 30mm - Center Crop


Vinny's 30mm - In-Camera HDR

Vinny's 19mm - Standard

Lake Lanier 19mm - In-Camera HDR

Lake Lanier 19mm - Center Crop


Lake Stump 19mm - Standard

Lake Stump 19mm - Center Crop


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