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A6000 Review

After ignoring it for months after it's release, I took a second look and found a lot of good reasons to get one. Here's why.

A77 Review

Though I have transitioned to the smaller E-Mount cameras for most photo purposes, The A77 is still a workhorse and gets the call when I need what it has to offer...speed, handling and all-day battery life.

NEX-7 Review

Originally purchased as a smaller option for a backup travel camera, the NEX-7's size, weight and performance made it the primary travel camera. Amazing images out of a truly tiny powerhouse.

A6000 Manual Focus Tools

The Sony mirrorless cameras like the A6000 have an excellent set of tools and options designed to make focusing manually easier than it ever was in the days before digital.

Using Autofocus

Your camera focuses by itself! Or does it? Here's a quick guide explaining how autofocus works and how to get the most out of it.

Oh, Baby!

Perceived by many as a novelty lens, the Lensbaby system is actually a remarkable creative tool with a wide range of options.

What Camera?

Ready to move up from the speck of a camera in your phone? How far do you need to step up to get where you want to go with your photography?

Adding Lenses

Now you have your shiny new DSLR. (The cheap part is over!) What lenses will you need or want to build your "system"?


Cameras are great at capturing what you see. Want to try to create a view of the world that you can't see?


A Q&A aimed at demystifying RAW and helping you decide if you really need to add the extra step to your workflow.

Viva La Resolution

S? M? L?...Standard? Fine? X-Fine?. This is a newbie-friendly explanation of the image size and quality settings and how they affect how the image looks and how much memory you may need for a trip.

Using Filters

"Why do I need filters?" "I can fix it in Photoshop!" Not entirely true. Some filters are still useful and relevant in the digital age.

Rule of Thirds

Now that you have a camera, let's see why some of your images just "look better" and how to make that the rule rather than the exception.

Got a Dirty Sensor?

Cleaning your camera's sensor isn't rocket science or brain surgery. It's a do-it-yourself project that can save you time and money in the long run.