Back in December 2011 we were living in Georgia out of necessity. The necessity was employment-related and we had just finished an all-too-brief Christmas visit “back home” to California. Feeling disconnected from the family, I decided to start a new photographic project to keep us … Continue readingPicture-A-Week

Alphabet soup

A recent post from a member of my favorite forum brought up a problem that is and isn’t a problem…depending on how invested you are in keeping up with photographic technology. The problem is all those darned acronyms and photo-centric words and phrases that make … Continue readingAlphabet soup

Why Take Pictures>

Recently I started reorganizing my photos into groupings that are easier to search. I had intended to spend time over the year digitizing all our old “analog” images and even the family photos from Kim’s parents. While discussing the project, a troubling concept was presented … Continue readingWhy Take Pictures>