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A recent post from a member of my favorite forum brought up a problem that is and isn’t a problem…depending on how invested you are in keeping up with photographic technology. The problem is all those darned acronyms and photo-centric words and phrases that make up a semi-technical language barrier to those just getting their feet wet in the world of “serious” photography. I thought I would try to put together a small English to Photo dictionary to help those new to the language. I’m sure this will grow as new entries occur to me and suggestions are made but hopefully it will help those looking for help with a sentence like, “I was doing some PP with CR in LR on a 5D RAW file when I realized that adjusting WB and NR wasn’t enough and I had to jump to PS to remove drunk uncle Carl!”

So, here we go…

Glossary of Photo Terms

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  1. Hi Dave!

    I run into your amazing blog while checking definitions for metering modes
    I really appreciate the material provided in the “low-light shooting” article, very detailed & explanatory
    Thank you!


    ps: greetings from Greece!

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